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Bernd-Ulrich Groß, who has been a table tennis trainer at all levels for over 30 years, conducted interviews with Werner Schlager, the Austrian table tennis world champion 2003, on all important areas of table tennis play and training for over two years. A real treasure trove of valuable insider tips from the mouth of one of the best European top players who has worked hard to make the leap to the top of the world. As the last European player, he was able to break through the Chinese dominance in world table tennis and was sensationally world champion in table tennis singles in Paris. Werner Schlager is the epitome of an individual and self-confident player who has successfully followed his own path, and this is exactly what he wants to convey in the interviews: individuality, determination, perseverance and self-belief make players of all levels better. Table tennis perfect is a textbook from the successful practitioner for practice. It's not about copying Werner Schlager as a player, but rather taking up his tips, trying them out and using them successfully on your own path. Numerous series of pictures explain technique and tactics, because the technique of the world champion is idiosyncratic and highly individual in some respects. This book is a plea for preserving individuality in technique and in the game. All in all, a different table tennis textbook for players and coaches who want more and want to get ahead.