Andro Gluing sheet Free Sticker

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Convenient adhesive foil for table tennis rubber free of any harmful volatile organic solvents, according to the new ITTF regulations. Easy and quick handling.


Before the first use of FREE STICKER foil the blade has to be prepared with FREE SEAL (or other VOC free special blade varnish).

Remove the non-lettered masking paper of the foil (backside if you are reading this), stick the foil to the clean blade and cut it to the necessary size.
Remove the labelled cover layer of the foil.
Bring the rubber onto the blade by easy pressing.
Later when removing the rubber (exchanging of rubber) the foil has to be removed together with the rubber at once.


It is essential to stick the two sides of the foil as described above to the blade and rubber. In case of changing the sides the blade might be harmed when later removing the foil.