Bat Gewo Power All Cross Soft 1,8 concave

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Completely assembled bat (rubbers glued to the frame), ideal bat for the beginner. All basic techniques can be learned with this bat.
Frame: Gewo Power Allround (handle concave)
Rubber: Forehand Friendship RITC Cross Soft 1.8mm (Red)
Rubber: Backhand Friendship RITC Cross Soft 1.8mm (Black)

Gewo Power Allround
Powerful all-round frame, lots of feel and control.
Only available in the concave handle.

Pace: 82
Control: 96
Bending Strength: 87
Weight: approx. 85 grams

Friendship 729 Cross Soft 1,8
This rubber from Friendship combines the top rubber of the RITC Friendship 729 with the bottom layer that the Friendship 729 FX Super Soft also uses. However, the sponge colors are different and the sponge is a little softer on average. Overall, the playing characteristics of the RITC Friendship Cross Soft and the Friendship 729 FX Super Soft are very similar, and this is what we wanted. Lately we have not been very happy with the Friendship 729 FX Super Soft, because the rubbers are always a little harder and less elastic than they should be. That is why we have now come up with this rubber, an improved version of the Friendship 729 FX Super Soft, in collaboration with Friendship. In terms of play, this rubber is a sticky, rather soft, all-round rubber (the degree of hardness is specified by the manufacturer as 42 degrees. is light, good quality and very controlled All in all it can also be used very well for novice players, all basic techniques are easy to learn.

Pace: 85
Effect: 95
Control: 95
Hardness: Soft