DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 41° Blue Sponge

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 2.15
Sale price$87.00 CAD


DHS Rubber Hurricane 3 Provincial 41° Blue Sponge
The most famous DHS rubber of all time is also available in additional versions:
The Provincial and National Version. Backed up with the traditional blue sponge, these two versions offer even more stickiness and speed.
Connoisseurs know that the big advantages are not just limited to spin and speed:

Chinese rubbers have little eugen dynamics of their own, which leads to incredibly high control in passive play. The bounce of the ball is also always the same, which benefits the stability and quality of the shots. Technically well-trained players can immediately switch to offensive mode with the Provincial and National versions.

The Hurricane NEO 3 comes with an adhesive backing and comes with a blue NEO speed sponge.
Compared to the previously available version, the provincial version offers more stickiness and more speed. A noticeable difference in quality.
Perfect for attacking players who want to force the point with a lot of spin and speed.
Pace: 116
Effect: 122
Control: 94
Hardness: Medium

Only available in the Color Black