DHS Hurricane King.Q Off+

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Handle: Flared
Sale price$360.00 CAD


A masterclass frame. Based on the construction of the Hurricane Long V, adjustments have been made to the hardness and thickness of the veneer to optimally support Wang Chuqin's playing style. The slightly harder attack compared to the Long V gives the player the opportunity to play a powerful attack close to the table with short movements. Thanks to the carbon weave close to the Ayous core and the soft Limba outer veneer, the frame still has enough flexibility and ball contact time to generate enormous spin. Even in the short game above the table and when serving/returning, there is hardly anything left to be desired. Rounded off by an elegant dragon design, incorporated into the black-primed handle, this is a frame worthy of the number one "Lionheart" in the world!
Structure: Limba - Ayous - Carbon weave - Ayous - Carbon weave - Ayous - Limba
Suitable for game system: Off+
Pace: 122
Control: 112
Speed: 122
Weight: approx. 89 g
Only available in the concave handle.