DHS Hurricane Sun Off+

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Handle: Flared
Sale price$360.00 CAD


Sun Yingsha is known for her powerful and precise playing style, which allows her to overpower any opponent. In addition to thousands of hours of training, this is made possible by her frame, the Hurricane Sun! Specially designed for the number one in the world, the focus of this frame is on a perfect balance between power and control. The soft Limba outer veneer and the carbon weave on the Ayous core make it possible to put pressure on your opponent when serving/returning, giving you a clear advantage in open play, where the full speed of the frame can be utilized. The elegant purple handle in combination with the integrated dragon head also looks great! A frame for players who want to reach the top just like ShaSha!
Structure: Limba - Ayous - Carbon weave - Ayous - Carbon weave - Ayous - Limba
Suitable for game system: Off+
Pace: 120
Control: 115
Speed: 120
Weight: approx. 89 grams

Only available in the concave handle.