Donic Anders Lind Hexa Carbon

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Handle: Straight
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With the Anders Lind Hexa Carbon, DONIC now also dedicates its own frame model to the very talented Dane, who thrilled fans and experts alike by reaching the quarter-finals of the 2023 World Cup. Anders Lind is an extrovert player with a special touch, very creative and always good for surprises. The new seven-layer offensive frame allows the Dane to deliver such sensitive blows, although the ANDERS LIND HEXA CARBON provides significant penetration power thanks to its veneer construction with high-quality layers of Lima and Koto (outside). Control and stability are aided by the two layers of Hexamid carbon that wrap Kiri's central core on the inside. With all this, this new frame is also an eye-catcher, just like its namesake. Anders Lind attracts attention with his spectacular strokes and his frame stands out because of the design of the handle scales, which are in the Danish national colors.
Technology: 7 layers Kiri (inside), Hexamid Carbon (3+5), Limba (2+6), Koto (1+7 outside) 
Recommendation: for attacking players who expect good dynamics. 
Speed: 98 
Control: 94 
Weight: approx. 90 grams