Donic Persson 40 Jubilee

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Handle: concave
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He was a world-class player for more than twenty years and last year he led Sweden to victory at the European Championship as men's national coach. Jörgen Persson has never been away from the top of the world, he has just changed roles. And DONIC has supported him on his journey for 40 years, since his earliest youth. Reason enough for a new frame: the DONIC PERSSON JUBILEE 40, the development of which Jörgen Persson supervised with all his experience and ball feeling. The 1991 World Cup winner still carries a bat in his hand every day, so Persson knows how important synthetic fibers are in modern frame types. The frame that DONIC has dedicated to its long-standing partner fits perfectly with the Swedish legend: quality and class are already reflected in the finish, the two layers of acrylic carbon support the ball feeling, the veneer is made of Ayous and Limba ensure the mix of playing fun and penetrating strength that has always distinguished Jörgen Persson.

Technology: 7 layers of Ayous (inside), Acrylic-Carbon (3+5), Ayous (2+6), Limba (1+7outside) Recommendation:

For offensive players who rely on controlled offensive strokes. 

Speed: 101 

Control: 92 

Weight: approx. 90 grams