Donic Defplay Inner Carbon

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Handle: concave
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A defensive frame with a synthetic fiber insert – an innovation. As with the WHIPER INNER CARBON, two layers of Hyramid Carbon cover the inner veneer of Kiri wood, but with the DEFPL AY INNER CARBON two factors make the decisive difference: the inner veneer is 0.4 mm thinner and the frame is slightly larger (enlarged sweet spot) than with the other wood types from this series. This ensures a lower vibration amplitude and significantly improves control. Thanks to the Hyramid Carbon, the frame also offers the penetrating power that all modern defenders need in their attacks today. Technology: 7 layers Kiri (inside), Ayous (2+6), Hyramid Carbon (3+5), Limba (1+7, outside). Character: Excellent control, soulful, subtly dynamic Recommendation: for modern defenders who want to surprise with attacking blows.
Control: 9+ 
Tempo: 6 
Elasticity: control elastic 
Weight: 85 gr. 
Layers: 7 
Suitable for game systems: AR, AR-, DEF, DEF +