Dr.Neubauer Aggressor

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$52.00 CAD


The disruptive weapon with half-long pimples.

AGGRESSOR is a completely new pimple-out development.
Its outstanding playing characteristics are predominantly based on 2 particularities:
To start with AGGRESSOR comes with a completely new pimple geometry. The pimples are just as long as those of long pimple rubbers thus producing considerable disruptive effect while blocking, counter-attacking and straight hitting. At the same time the ball is being "slowed down" for all passive strokes.
This comes in very handy for blocking but also for service returning.
Its second distinctive feature is the rubber formula used. It is similar to the one used for our short pimple rubbers KILLER and KILLER PRO however we have slightly altered it to fit the requirements of longer pimples.
This results in a rubber that is easy to control and producing good disruptive effect throughout the game. Also it can be used for a variety of attacking shots such as counter-attacking, lifting and straight hitting.

AGGRESSOR: The new disruptive pimple-out alternative

Available as from September 2016 with the sponge thickness 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0mm

Category: Half-long pimples
Colours: red +black
Speed: 93
Spin: 79
Control: 93