Dr.Neubauer Aggressor Evo

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.3
Sale price$52.00 CAD


More aggressive, more disruptive

This new development in our AGGRESSOR rubber series enables to produce an even more aggressive and dynamic game with half-long pimples. AGGRESSOR EVO comes with a harder sponge and enables even stronger ball acceleration, especially while straight hitting.
Most of all this new half-long pimple rubber produces yet again more disruptive effect since the ball bounces very low.
This disruptive effect is not only obtained through counter-attacking and hitting but also while producing a slightly active blocking stroke, moving the bat slowly forward upon impact with the ball. This will produce a flat flying path and cause trouble to the opponent.

The best compromise between control and disruptive effect is obtained with thinner sponge thickness (1.3 and 1.5mm). The thicker versions with make the rubber faster, but also a bit less disruptive.

Category: Half-long pimples
Colours: red +black
Speed: 97
Spin: 80
Control: 92