Dr.Neubauer Barricade

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Handle: Straight
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BARRICADE DEF: A defensive blade with excellent control
This blade has been conceived for all players defending away from the table.
BARRICADE DEF is also very effective for short blocking close to the table.
Especially those players using long pimples and seeking a slow blade for maximum spin reversal will be enchanted by BARRICADE DEF.
It enables very safe and yet dangerous chopping thanks to its relatively slow speed.

BARRICADE DEF offers an excellent control and outstanding effectiveness for all rubber types:
Maximum spin reversal can be reached when used with long pimples.
With reversed rubbers or short pimples you can reach high rotation while chopping with BARRICADE DEF.
On top of this you can attack through looping or hitting in order to confuse your opponent.
To sum it up BARRICADE DEF provides an optimal balance between control and effectiveness for all passive and active strokes.

Wood: Defensive
Weight: appr. 52g
Plies: 7
Handle: straight, flared, anatomic
Speed: 68
Control: 95
Rigidity: 87