Dr.Neubauer Kung Fu

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Handle: Flared
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Maximum effectiveness and very good control with pimples-out and Anti-Spin rubbers
KUNG FU is our new development for combination bat player. The blade does - not - consist of Balsa wood.
KUNG FU was specially optimised for use with our Anti-Spin and pimpled-out rubbers.
It produces a very good spin reversal and disruptive effect since the ball can be returned very short and low over the net while blocking on topspin.
KUNG FU is a bit softer and offers a slightly better control than our existing combination blade GLADIATOR however it also enables to produce a game that is just as effective.
On the other side KUNG FU can be used for powerful attacking shots through hitting or looping (topspin).

KUNG FU: The new weapon for Anti-Spin and pimpled-out rubbers

Wood: Allround
Weight: appr. 70g
Plies: 7
Speed: 78
Control: 92
Rigidity: 85