Friendship 729 Bloom Spin

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.2
Sale price$30.00 CAD


The Friendship Bloom Spin is somewhat similar to the Origin Soft and the Battle II from the same manufacturer. Above all, the stickiness of the top rubber is comparable, so very high.

The Bloom Spin is a controlled offensive rubber that can also be used as an all-round rubber in 1.5 and 1.8 mm.

The sponge is medium hard with a degree of hardness of approx. 45 degrees. In addition to a counter and block game, its dynamics also enable effective top spins with shorter arm movements; benevolently one could even speak of a light built-in speed glue effect. Poisonous undercut balls are also very possible, especially in 1.5 and 1.8 mm. The extremely high effect values ​​are also one of the main strengths of the Bloom Spin.

Compared to the ever faster new surface innovations from the Chinese brands, the Bloom Spin is almost surprisingly slow overall. Compared to the Origin Soft, there is a slightly higher catapult effect, and the Bloom Spin is also a bit more elastic. The top rubber of the Bloom Spin is not quite as soft as that of the Origin Soft, which makes the ball stroke a little harder overall.

The weight of this covering is in the middle range. The processing quality of this surface is very high.

We particularly recommend the Bloom Spin to all players who prefer a very sticky top rubber, but for whom the Battle II and Bloom Power are too fast, but the Origin Soft is not elastic enough.