Friendship 729 Master GS

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$34.00 CAD


With this rubber, Friendship is unfortunately not as innovative as with the Master GT, because here the upper rubber of the Geospin is combined in a slightly higher quality with the sponge of the Battle II in a harder version (degree of hardness specified 39 degrees, 49 degrees according to the European scale very hard).

The Master GS is a little less sticky than the Battle II, but more catapult-strong - the rubber is noticeably under tension - and a little faster.

This rubber is less suitable for a European style of play, but more for the offensive game at the table from the wrist. It is our recommendation for all players for whom the Battle II and Bloom Power hard are a little too sticky. In addition, the combination of a very hard stroke with a very lively feel is unusual and therefore interesting for specialists.

The weight of this covering is in the middle range.