Friendship 729 Master GT

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$34.00 CAD


GT stands for "Geospin Tacky" because this surface uses the upper rubber of the Friendship Geospin Tacky. However, the sponge is brand new and significantly higher quality. The two rubbers are also very playful.

This sponge is given a degree of hardness of 36 degrees, according to the European scale it is about 42 degrees (i.e. medium hard with a tendency to be somewhat softer). This makes the sponge a little softer than most Friendship rubbers. In addition, it is very elastic, catapult-strong and has a good built-in speed glue effect.

The upper rubber of the Geospin Tacky has remained unchanged, but the quality is somewhat higher than that of the inexpensive version.

The Master GT is one of the few rubbers from Friendship that is also suitable for a European style of play with longer arm movements without restrictions. At the same time, it also has the essential advantage of many Friendship rubbers over German and Japanese rubbers - the stickiness and the associated high effect values. The pace is in the offensive area, slightly below that of the fastest rubbers.

overall, the Master GT is one of the most important innovations from Friendship in recent years. This topping can be recommended almost without restriction to all players for whom varied topspins with a lot of spin are important. Only the high elasticity of SpinLord rubbers should not be expected, but the rubbers are more under tension.

The weight of the Master GT is in the middle range.

Speed: 106
Spin: 110
Control: 87
Hardness: 42º