Gewo Bat Force ARC Off with Hype EL Pro47.5+Neoflexx eFT48

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Handle: Straight
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Gewo Force ARC Off. It combines high-tech materials, carbon and aramid (ARC), with high-quality, well-sorted wood veneers. The carbon fiber ensures high speed and stability, aramid guarantees an excellent feel. Experience a well-balanced hardness and feel. Consistent features almost over the entire surface of the frame thanks to carefully chosen veneers. The stiffness of the blade ensures ultimate stability and uncomplicated pressure in your playing. The Force ARC premium frame is the perfect choice for speed-oriented topspin players who rely on their own attack from the first to the last rally. Available handles: concave, anatomical and straight Speed: 97 Control: 85 Weight: 85 grams Veneer layers: 5+2

Gewo Hype EL Pro 47.5, the fastest and most dynamic rubber of the Hype EL Pro Series, has been specially developed to meet the demands of players who prefer harder surfaces. Colours: black/red Underlay thickness: 1.9 mm Speed: 122 Control: 92 Effect: 120 Hardness: Hard Type of rubber: Backside

Gewo Neoflexx eFT48: Since the introduction of the new balls, many players have been looking for a new rubber that meets their special requirements: to meet this demand, we have developed a new rubber with the new DGC40+ surface technology with a more grippy surface structure for significantly more grip on the ball for more spin – a must-have in modern table tennis. Thanks to the new stud geometry and the GEWO underlay with a hardness of 48°, the rubber adapts perfectly to the ball contact and thus provides power (eSpeed) and grip (DGC40+) in all situations. Colour: black/red Underlay thickness: 1.9 mm Speed: 98 Control: 94 Effect: 112 Hardness: Hard Type of rubber: Backside