Gewo Inventus XT Pro 47.5

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Color rubber: Red
Thickness: 2.0
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The GEWO Inventus rubber series represents a new milestone in the success story of GEWO high-performance rubbers. A new surface technology (Longer Trajectory Touch - LTT) allows maximum rotation, coupled with an incredible feel and the ability to guide the ball a little longer, extending the ball trajectory. This greatly increases ball control and offers an optimized ball feeling for all game situations where touch play is required, without having to give up the necessary speed reserves. A perfect combination of a flexible top rubber with a lot of grip and an absolutely powerful underlay allows enormous acceleration potential and ensures a more direct energy transfer on all offensive strokes, such as the all-important counter-topspin close to the table or from 2nd position. What previously seemed unthinkable is now possible because, as the name Inventus suggests, we have found the right solution: played balls can be guided a little longer and yet there is no loss of speed. This interaction is made possible and optimized by the new technology DETT (Direct Energy Transmission Technology) in combination with Longer Trajectory Touch Technology (LTT). GEWO Inventus stands for a more harmonious and at the same time more efficient combination of speed, rotation and speed, without sacrificing feeling and control. GEWO Inventus XT Pro 47.5 In the 47.5° hard version, the GEWO Inventus XT Pro becomes a real all-rounder in the offensive field. High speed, dynamic spin arcs and high control values. The optimal combination of a relatively compact power sponge with the flexible and very grippy top rubber takes topspin and counter-topspin shots to a new level. Benefit from the longer ball contact time and increased control and give your shots more quality and fun. Player Type/Characteristics: For players who always want to have control over the game, both close to the table and from 2nd position. Ideal for players who are looking for an absolute power rubber for the necessary hardness in their shots, but do not want to miss the flexible top rubber LTT Thanks to the new LTT surface technology (Longer Trajectory Touch), a more flexible top rubber with high grip and slightly further spaced stud heads is cleverly placed under tension, so that a longer ball contact time is achieved with more passive shots. The spin potential and control increases while always having the necessary speed reserves for explosive attack balls. Additionally, LTT technology now allows players to choose harder bases without worrying about loss of control or lack of feel on more passive shots. DETT With Direct Energy Transmission Technology (DETT), the cells in the surface are made more compact and also placed under enormous tension. This provides a more direct energy transfer to the ball and significantly increases its speed and slingshot values. Counter-topspins become more efficient and easier to play, even if the ball can no longer be hit at the “highest point”. The ball flight curve remains flat enough to allow the ball to reach the opponent's side even faster, giving the opponent even less reaction time. H-Touch DGC40+ 3.0 In further developing the successful DGC40+ and DGC 40+ 2.0 technologies, our goal was to extend the benefits of both with an additional component: further optimizing the consistent and reliable coupling at the ball impact point and enabling the player to guide the ball longer, without sacrificing speed or spin. The new H-Touch DGC 40+ 3.0 surfaces offer more speed and rotation options, even when pushing the highest speed ranges. Shorter and more explosive stroke movements are even better supported and the harmonious combination of the GEWO high-quality sponges with the ingenious surface structure of the H-Touch DGC 40+ rubbers always gives the player the security he needs to play faster and more aggressively without increase their own error rate. Even balls that are hit a little later or not optimally can land dangerously and efficiently at the opponent and lead to a point win. FlexTech 2.0 The flexible sponge/rubber construction FLEX-TECH 2.0 (XT), specially designed for GEWO.

Suitable for game system OFF/OFF-

Underlay hardness: Hard

Speed: 128

Effect: 127

Control: 88

Available from July 1, 2024