Gewo Scepter PKC

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Handle: Straight
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Aleksandar Karakaševic (“King Kara”) still is a synonym for extraordinary feel for the ball and spectacular topspin strokes. It is, above all, his spectacular backhand which leaves his fans speechless and gives his opponents a very hard time. When it comes to their materials, professionals must not leave anything to chance, and this is why like “King Kara” relies on GEWO products.
GEWO Scepter features an innovative, harder Premium Carbon Material which provides for stable ball bouncing, balanced hardness, and a longer dwell time. The synthetic fiber is placed directly under the 0.8 mm thick outer Limba plies. This enables very efficient topspins and counter-topspins, but still offers more than enough control for over-the-table “Touch Play” and passive playing situations. GEWO Karas Scepter offers a plain, not too hard touch and provides great spin support in any situation. The perfect symbiosis of feeling, power, and optimized energy transfer. For high-performing players relying on fast synthetic fiber blades with a good feeling to meet the requirements of modern high-speed table tennis.

Speed: 105
Control: 82
Flexural strength: 94
Weight: approx 92 grams