Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 53 Hard

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$68.00 CAD


To break the rules, you must first master them! GEWO Nexxus Pro Hard
The best choice: The rubber series for top players and players enjoying uncompromising power rubbers.
Commitment to continuous improvement, excellent performance and outstanding quality have always be core values of the GEWO tradition.
Most players have already adjusted to the new ABS balls successfully and made the necessary changes in their techniques. At the beginning of this adjustment, players preferred rubbers with rather soft top sheets (for more ball rotation and speed), but now top-level players more and more use hard to very hard rubbers which perform at their best in close-to-the-table power play. In order to offer the perfect solution on this level, too, GEWO designers and world-class players as well as ambitioned players of all levels teamed up in countless test series to find the perfect rubbers meeting the specific requirements of the individual players. The goal was to find the ideal combination of maximum speed, spin and feeling without losing the indispensable level of control required in table tennis. With the new Nexxus Hard rubbers, GEWO mastered this high-wire act perfectly. With the Nexxus Hard series, we proudly present a range of new and very interesting rubber alternatives to all players looking for extra performance.

Faster and harder – GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 53 Hard!
The youngest and hardest member of the Nexxus family is also the fastest rubber in the globally successful Nexxus series. To activate the full power of this rubber, players need reliable technique plus quick and dynamic arm movement. Players mastering this rubber will benefit from maximum speed and even more spin potential. With the new ABS balls, these are just the parameters which are indispensable for modern attackers.
Enjoy the linear catapult effect of the hard EL sponge and maximum spin thanks to the combination with DGC40+ surface technology.

Player type / features:
• An absolute power pack for uncompromising, close-to-the-table attacking.
• Ideal for players using short and fast arm movements who need maximum speed for their play.
• For hardworking players with good technique. Maximum power for perfect acceleration of the ball

Speed: 133
Spin: 124
Control: 83
Hardness: Hard