Gewo Set Robot Delta Nexxt + 1x Robot Bag + 1x Ball Training 72er

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Experience uncompromising state-of-the-art practice with its unique control board that offers the widest range of features ever. This exceptional functional variability allows you to design exercises for players of all levels. Attention was also paid to user-friendliness, so that you can easily create even complex ball sequences. The robot comes with 40 pre-programmed exercises for players of all levels, so you can get started with your practice session right out of the box. Of course you can easily adapt all exercises to your wishes. Easily adjust ball placement, speed, spin and ball height to suit your needs. With up to 120 balls per minute, Gewo Delta Nexxt has a delivery frequency that will make even professionals sweat. Thanks to IFC (Individual Frequency Control), you can configure the timing of the balls of an exercise to achieve an authentic playing speed. Interval training sessions can be easily designed using the cycling and grouping features by simply repeating or shaping one or more exercises and allowing short rest periods between intervals. Functions: Up to 120 balls per minute Maximum 8 balls per exercise 25 different speed settings 169 different spin settings Individually selectable ball placement, speed spin and trajectory 2 different random settings IFC (Individual Frequency Control) allows you to adjust the timing between the individual balls of your exercise Preview function to test your ball settings Storage space for 99 exercises 40 pre-programmed exercises The cycle function allows interval training with defined action/rest intervals The grouping function allows you to select a group of exercises that you want to perform in the defined order Adjustable head to simulate different competition situations Suitable/recommended for tables with a top thickness between 9 mm and 25 mm Includes remote control (for starting/stopping the robot and adjusting the ball speed) Including ball collection net + training balls 72 pieces.

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