Hallmark Bat Aurora with Gewo Target air Tec FX+Hallmark Confusion LP

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Handle: Straight
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This pre-assembled complete bat consists of the HALLMARK frame Aurora, GEWO rubber Target airTEC FX red 1.5 mm Forehand and the HALLMARK rubber Confusion-LP black 0.5 mm Backhand. This bat is perfect to disrupt at the table. The two different sides of the Aurora frame allow the player to take full advantage of both the attacking forehand and the defensive backhand, without any disadvantages. This results in a disruptive game, which can always be ended with a powerful, point-scoring forehand. HALLMARK Aurora: A frame for players who block or defend at the table with a pimple rubber and attack with the other side. The defensive side, designed for maximum effect when playing with long pimples, slows down the blocked ball. The faster side features anti-vibration cork technology for an even better sweet spot and maximum control. Available handles: concave, anatomical and straight Pace: 89/65 Control: 92/99 Weight: 70 grams Veneer layers: 5 Gewo Target air TEC FX Color red Underlay thickness: 1.5 mm Pace: 95 Control: 94 Effect: 94 Hardness: Medium Rubber type: Backside HALLMARK Confusion LP Colour black Bottom layer thickness: 0.5 mm Pace: 41 Control: 96 Effect: 103 Hardness: Medium- Rubber type: Long pimples.