Milky Way Moxa 955

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Color rubber: green
Thickness: OX
Sale price$24.00 CAD


The Yinhe Milky Way Moxa 955 has nothing to do with the old Milky Way 955, which is no longer approved by the ITTF. Currently the Moxa 955 is only available in green! However, the stud geometry is almost identical (so the studs are very thin) and surprisingly the speed (medium-fast) and hardness (medium-hard) are also very similar. The Moxa 955 is also very strong in active play with wrist use. The backspin defense is also very good. Compared to the other Milky Way studs, the Moxa 955 is considerably more elastic. Overall, the Moxa 955 is a versatile all-round bud with no major weaknesses. Overall, the Moxa 955 is a long pimple rubber that most players should be able to get to grips with straight away.