SpinLord Gigant II

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$32.00 CAD


Our Anti SpinLord Gigant has become very popular and many players are very satisfied with it. But we also received some feedback that for some players it is to slow. Indeed it is one of the slowest rubbers in the world and not all players may be able to adopt to this speed level.

So we decided to create a new version of Gigant with a normal sponge instead of a dampening sponge. For this purpose we combined the unchanged top-sheet of the Gigant with the sponge of the SpinLord Marder.
This new rubber version, we call it Gigant 2, is still slow, but much faster then the Gigant. The speed of this rubber is a little bit slower then the speed of the SpinLord Marder and of the SpinLord Sandwind. Compared to the SpinLord Sandwind the top-sheet of the Gigant 2 is harder and more slippery.

Compared to the Gigant the Gigant 2 can create more spin and is also more dangerous. This new version should also be better for players who played pimple-in rubbers before.
Both versions of Gigant are very good and considering we also have the SpinLord Sandwind we now have a good Anti with friction for every style of playing.

The Gigant 2 is very easy to control and can be used by players of all levels, except by top-level players who rarely will choose an Anti in general.

Speed: 50
Spin: 60
Control: 100
Hardness: 35°