SpinLord Nashorn Pro

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$33.00 CAD


The new Pro version of the Nashorn will completely replace the old version in the medium term. However, this new version is not faster than the old version in the sponge variants, but is deliberately considerably slower. So far the Degu II has been our slowest short stud (speed value 7), then came the Degu (speed value 8.5) and so far there has been nothing in between. That is why we have developed the Nashorn Pro, which is between the Degu and the Degu II in terms of speed and also offers a significantly higher disturbing effect that is comparable to medium-sized studs. We have never had such a short stud in our range and in that respect the Nashorn Pro is a very useful addition to our range. The studs of the Nashor Pro have an almost cylindrical shape (only under a magnifying glass can you see that they are slightly conical). They are also quite wide and only slightly higher than the allowable minimum of 1.0mm. The distance between the studs is average. The stud heads are finely grooved. The rubber mixture is very elastic, but also very grippy and quite soft. In practice, this means that the Nashorn Pro is the first short stud rubber whose studs have a clearly noticeable "wobble effect" while playing. The Nashorn Pro is a short stud with all-round speed. Topspins and hard finishing shots are not the strength of this rubber, but counterattacks and blocking balls are. These are very easy, controlled and effective to play with the Nashorn Pro, but backspin balls are also very possible with the Nashorn Pro and have a lot of spin for a short pimpled rubber. We especially recommend the Nashorn Pro to players who play close to the table. The Nashorn Pro is suitable for players of all levels and can also satisfy top players. The Nashorn Pro should mainly be used as a backhand rubber. This rubber lacks the penetrating power on the forehand side; only classic defensive players could be happy with the Nashorn Pro as a forehand rubber. Please note: The text on the back of the rubber cover no longer has anything to do with the current rubber. We still need to format the already printed covers before we can make any changes.

Speed: 7.5

Effect: 10

Control: 7