Spinlord RD2

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Handle: Straight
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The SpinLord RD2 is a top-class offensive frame and in terms of playing characteristics the best that is possible without the use of plastic (e.g. Carbon).
The ball assumption is medium hard, while the RD2 is quite elastic for such a fast offensive frame. The size of the striking blade is approx. 155 x 152 mm, as with the RD1 the handles are a bit wider (the grip length approx. 10.2 cm).
The RD2 consists of 5 wood layers, the outer layers are from Koto and the core layer from Ayous, the intermediate layers from Limba.
Ideal frame for top spin players and the control value of this frame is so high that passive strokes are also very possible.

Pace: 89
Control: 89
Flexural strength: 89
Weight: approx. 88 grams