Stiga Cybershape Allround Classic

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Handle: Straight
Sale price$84.00 CAD


The Allround Classic was launched in 1967 and quickly became a bestseller. This classic with 5 layers of exclusive wood and the legendary STIGA playing feeling now presents itself in a new look with the unique Cybershape shape. With the Allround Classic Cybershape you not only get a reliable frame with a lot of feel and control, but also the popular Cybershape shape with a larger, optimal hitting surface, where the center of gravity of the frame has been shifted upwards. A higher sweet spot provides a more stable stroke and more powerful shots without losing control. This offers you features that are not possible with a conventional frame. The Allround Classic Cybershape is suitable for both beginners and experienced table tennis players.

Speed: 82

Control: 98

Weight: ca. 90 gr.

Wood layers: 5

Suitable for offensive game system