Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon

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Handle: Straight
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• Well-balanced, attacking frame for unsurpassed feel and speed – and the preference of top Chinese player Yuan Licen. • A hybrid of lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber and vibration-reducing fibers provides a superior feel, Inspira Hybrid Carbon – a well-balanced frame for attacking players! The specially treated fibers in the Inspira Hybrid Carbon frame provide a completely new experience and feeling at impact with the ball. Hybrid Carbon consists of two fiber materials and their synergy provides higher resilience while maintaining flexibility. Located directly beneath the outer layer of Koto veneer, the hybrid material provides excellent control while providing significant power to your attacks. Unlike traditional table tennis frames, this specially treated material also ensures better ball impact. This fusion of the outer layer and core extends the contact time between the ball and the rubber (dwell time) and gives you extra control and feeling during critical playing moments and tough duels. The second layer creates a well-balanced yet attacking frame that provides a higher ball trajectory. In other words, this is a powerful frame that is easy to play, tailor-made for players who want to pressure opponents with lots of powerful backhand and forehand shots. Carbon fiber and VR+ Inspira Hybrid Carbon combines very lightweight, very strong carbon fiber and our newly developed VR+ fiber. VR+ offers vibration-reducing properties that create a clean ball impact and an improved feeling of ball speed and spin. The synergy of the fiber types ensures higher resilience and also makes this frame very flexible. The result is a powerful frame that is easy to play. The fiber construction is specially treated before gluing. This stabilizes and strengthens the fiber combination, provides a cleaner feel and improves strength. Benefits of carbon fiber and VR+ • High speed without sacrificing flexibility • Larger sweet spot – more control • Vibration reducing properties – clean ball impact • High tone – clear impact sound Thanks to the synergy of the two fiber materials, the blade has a larger sweet spot and offers you more control and feeling. This frame is particularly suitable for attacking players with a fast playing style but who also want good control. The vibration-reducing properties of the Hybrid Carbon reduce vibrations traveling from the grip to the hand, creating better ball impact and improving the player's sense of ball speed and spin. Advantages of wood layers • High and perfect arch • Longer contact time • More control over the ball Inspira Hybrid Carbon is a 5+2-layer frame with five layers of wood. The fusion of the outer veneer and the core extends the contact time between the ball and the rubber (dwell time) and gives you extra control and feeling during critical playing moments and challenging duels. The handle is made of the highest quality wood and has a surface texture for excellent grip. Although Inspira Hybrid Carbon was developed for professional players, this frame has many features that suit a variety of players, from intermediate to advanced levels.