Tibhar Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon

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Handle: Straight
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The Tibhar frame Felix Lebrun Hyper Carbon is the ideal choice for the flexible attacking player who is looking for attacking power and control. With its impressive construction using high-quality materials and innovative technology, this frame offers an excellent gaming experience. The high stiffness in the frame, achieved through the use of Hyper Carbon Inner technology, gives the frame explosive power for offensive balls. Players can make their shots with impressive speed and penetration, allowing them to pressure their opponents and dominate the game. At the same time, the Tibhar Felix Lebrun frame also provides the necessary control to perform precise and well-placed shots. This combination of attacking power and control makes it the perfect tool for the flexible attacking players who want to use versatile playing strategies.
Wood layers: 5+2 Carbon
Weight: 85 grams
Tempo: 101
Control: 91