Xiom Vega Asia

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$48.00 CAD


VEGA ASIA combines the harder 47.5° sponge of VEGA PRO with the soft top sheet of VEGA EUROPE. The result is a high speed offensiv rubber with huge amount of control and long dwell time.

The strong black carbo sponge provides stability at all strokes even at higher speed. The linear acceleration behaviour of the sponge helps the player to control the game at any time. At passive strokes and chop balls the soft top sheet gives the player the opportunity to adjust his strokes and is by that very forgiving.
When played with high acceleration the pimple structure of soft top sheet reacts very springy in combination with carbo sponge. This makes it very easy to lift down spin balls and play safe topspins. Especially a little far from the table, when played with larger movements VEGA ASIA makes it very easy for the player to play fast and consistent topspins.

The lower throw and arc also helps at flat hits and punch blocks because the ball flies very straight out of the rubber without unwanted arc in any direction

VEGAS ASIA is highly recommended for two types of players:

1.Allround players that need high control at passive strokes and when playing the first opening topspin. In the open rallies they often flat hit or punch block the ball aggressively to win the point.

​2.The control spin based offensive player who likes to act a little far from the table with slower but high control acceleration of the arm.

Speed: 105
Spin: 106
Control: 85
Hardness: 47.5º